Maxthon Android v4.1.1.2000 UI + Quick Access oddities


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It is my professional opinion that this seemingly rushed & unnecessary "update" should be pulled immediately. Quite a few users who are commenting on Google Play have similar opinions.

Google Play - Maxthon Android Web Browser

I am thankful that I use Android Tuner which includes a comprehensive backup utility that allowed me to revert to the previous version within the hour it took me to realize this new version was not something I would be pleased to use.

Why change from an already efficient one step Quick Access edit method that already accommodated Title & URL changes? It probably could also have had an option to change the image to a custom image in a future release.

The decision to remove the already streamlined one step edit flow is in fact a downgrade to a now 3 step delete / add / arrange method. It also removes the previous automatic tile image download functionality that would at least use a basic snapshot of the page as the tile image. That too probably could have been improved to specify a custom image. Now we are forced into an ugly & generic tile design which consists of gaudy primary color choices and basic logo. That is moving backward not forward.

I also don't understand why the number of functional tiles on a single screen has been decreased for purely aesthetic reasons. If the tiles had any function beyond a simple URL bookmark, such as live tiles that would display dynamic information, maybe I would understand the need to increase the size. A simple logo does not require a tile that large and most users would rather have more tiles available in a single screen.

With the Maxthon Browser applications gaining popularity throughout the world, it seems to me that the time spent on development should be used for innovation so that the long list of new features can be implemented as well as the significant list of bugs can be worked out. This will not only ensure Maxthon is on par with the other competing browsers but also to make Maxthon *superior* than its competition. Making small useless changes, especially to user interface flows, accomplishes nothing but wasting time in addition to confusing & alienating a dedicated user base that is precious to any growing software company.

I am very impressed by Maxthon products and months ago switched my primary browser to Maxthon on multiple platforms in addition to recommending it to other individuals and companies. The decisions Maxthon makes directly or indirectly affect productivity so it's important they are done correctly and with the primary goal of enhancing the product with as little of an impact to the user base as possible. To ensure this message is seen by the management at Maxthon, it has also been sent to the contacts below. It would be a shame to see this technology faultier and be pushed into obsolescence.

-Sean Patrick Ingles

Samsung Galaxy SIII (SCH-I535) Android 4.1.2


USA Office



Business Development


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Absolutely agree! After my fullscreen browsing problems,after the previous upgrade,now this! I'm afraid it's a bit too much - opening the browser every day and staring at these big ugly tiles that have no images and some even don't spell the name of the webpage right - I don't think I can stand it. Sorry.

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The decision to change to the new Quick Access interface is that we want to make it easier for users to go to Quick Access sites they want. So we decided to make the icons slightly bigger.

The problems of not showing a snapshot of the website and the difficulty in editing an existing Quick Access are very valid concerns. I will have the team look into this asap.


The full screen is another issue we're working on improving. Please understand that it is almost impossible to design a product that everyone loves using. While some users like the new full screen design, others may not like it. That said, we're working on a better full-screen solution.

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I upgraded to version Build 2852 and now have those QA tiles. My problem is that I don't know how to edit them. When I keep a tile pressed what I get is all the tiles with a red square with a white X on their top right corners (see image).

Is anything wrong here? TIA.


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joemax replied at 2013-10-31 18:06 back.gif

There is no way to edit the tiles, I think the reasoning is it's easier to delete and then add a new ...

Salam joemax

So how do I get back Maxthon own tiles like advanced gesture page


I managed to get back my quick Access page by reseting Maxthon and deleting cache and cookies

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