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I need a possibility to copy Title and URL of the Tab not separately (as in Maxthon now) but in single structure with two fields: Title and Address. I know Maxthon can do this. Therefore, I have decided to write the plugin. The problem is I am newbie in JS and WebKit.

I think I have to use a Tab.title and a Tab.url. But I cannot find how to copy it to the clipboard.

I have tried to search WebKit API and found this: But it is for html page's content not for WebKit Core.

Also, I cannot find how to define a keyboard shortcut for an addon.

Help, please.

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I've tried to do something very similar myself, and this is what I've come up with so far. It depends heavily on AutoHotKey. First, I assigned the "Copy Title and URL" action to Ctrl+Shift+z in Maxthon. Next, I added the following to my AutoHotKey script:$^+z::

send ^+z

IfWinActive ahk_class Maxthon3Cls_MainFrm


StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard, `r`n, =, All

FileAppend %clipboard% `r`n, f:\downloads\tabs.txt



returnThis code fires whenever you press Ctrl+Shift+z and re-sends the Ctrl+Shift+z (but doesn't fire itself in an infinite loop); if the active window is Maxthon (despite the Maxthon3Cls_MainFrm, this does work on Maxthon Cloud), it then reads the contents of the clipboard and replaces any newline with the equals sign (not a good idea for pages with equals signs in the URL, but works as a proof of concept), then appends the modified clipboard string to a file "f:\Downloads\tabs.txt"

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I have this old plugin from Max 2. Don't know if you can get it to work in Max now.

Good luck!:)


//* *

//* Created by mdlist *

//* Visit *

//* May be modified for personal use *

//* Please keep this credit *

//* *

//* ***********************************

var security_id=%max_security_id;

function no_error(){

return true;



var selectedtext='';















selectedtext = (selectedtext.replace(/^\W+/,'')).replace(/\W+$/,'');


if (selectedtext) selectedtext="%AB"+selectedtext+"%BB%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A";

var mdlist=0;

var url,title;

var mailmessage = selectedtext;

var alltabs=external.tab_count;

for (mdlist;mdlist


if (external.get_tab(security_id,mdlist).document.title != ""){



else title="";

mailmessage += title + url + "\n\n";


mailmessage = unescape(mailmessage);


alert("The tabs info has been copied to the clipboard.");

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