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copyrighted to you, compiled with Delphi, and for some reason virustotal picks it up as a joke program..which shouldn't be considered trojans, always are detected as such, but that's the average antivirus for you.


I'll try this later, thanks.

see my 2nd post with a link to a portablized version of MxModPack

edit: because of a PM, for anyone who's wondering: I'm staying on the forum I've decided.

edit: works very well, thanks so much.

you can also download from this attachment to my post, here:


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odyssee replied at 2013-10-5 14:01 back.gif

very interesting ! thank you

I hope it's okay, I'm packaging the program using Vmware Thinapp.

I'll edit this post once done, it'll be portable then. I'll post the download link, then.

edit: here it is (I'm deleting my other dropbox link and associated file):

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Allid.nxt replied at 2013-10-11 06:54 back.gif

The program has already portably.

The installer only unpacks the program files in a folder with the ...

why does there have to be a scheme? I've never said it's malicious, and I think you're overreacting, no offense. If I had thought it's malicious, I would have said so, not upload it to the forum as an attachment.

no, nothing like that, otherwise I wouldn't have installed it on my system to capture said installation, hehe

in the installer, says towards the end, at least did for me, "creating registry keys and values" or something like that. if it uses the registry, it's not portable.

I've made the thinapp version with "full access to the system," not restricted, so even if I did think it's a virus, why would I set it to be able to theoretically destroy? I just prefer ThinApp because I'm obcessed with portablizing programs and Cameyo has lost its appeal to me..and I like the idea of ThinApp saying licensed to Imanerd. I've done the same with a bunch of other programs. Heck, I have tons of them on dropbox, both thin-app and cameyo..a whole folder designated for cameyo, and thin-app, I'm just starting to use recently.

Cameyo doesn't capture registry entries. ThinApp does. The installer, for me, said registry entries, so I had just thought I was being useful.

If it were a virus, why would I have said it's safe before? Please read my posts again before suspecting such paranoid schemes.

The only reason I had provided the virustotal link before was because last time, Odyssee had said bitdefender had detected it as a virus, I did the testing, found out it wasn't. Just so no one screams virus without the facts, is why I've pre-empted that to avoid such a fear. If anything, I had done it, intending to help.

I've realized that it might seem awkward for me to have originally put a virustotal link, but I always do virustotal scans, I just don't always post them. It's nothing against you and it's nothing against anything you create (it appears to be the fault of delphi, just a suspicion), and I've considered removing the virustotal link but then I had figured no one would speculate I'm being paranoid, especially after saying I like it and that it's safe. But I was wrong, not that I can do anything about that now. I've done what I've done, it has got nothing absolutely to do with malware. I just like portablizing programs. That's all. If I had thought it's malicious, as stated, I wouldn't be, first off, installing it, second off, uploading a static copy to keep it available to the public, and third off, saying outright that it's safe with the denouncement of efficiency in antiviruses, of which I go by my own judgements, not some program.

Also if you look at my vote and comment on BOTH of the virustotal scans for your installer AND my portable version, I've voted it as benevolent AND said it is safe.

I also don't prefer uploading installers if I can upload a standalone exe that runs it by itself. I only had uploaded the installer because I didn't think of using thinapp at the time. I also wasn't on a streak portablizing. Yesterday, I was in the mood.

It was a courtesy call. If you think I'm perpetuating fear, I can't do anything about it, but I can at least tell you the truth: that I didn't mean it that way, and I apologize. That's all that I can do.

end, please.

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Imanerd replied at 2013-10-11 10:58 back.gif

why does there have to be a scheme? I've never said it's malicious, and I think you're overreactin ...

you didn't read this, though?:

I think you have created a "sandbox" security against viruses and Trojans that I could surreptitiously add?

please let's drop it. I don't want this to turn into anything big.

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Sorry to be so dramatic statement. Simply, I made ​​reference to a redirect, this way I collect statistics on the popularity of the program ( It seemed to me that you are creating too many links to my files under various pretexts. These links can not determine the number of downloads, according to this I do not like.

About the portable version I do not quite understand why you need it?

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loooping8 replied at 2013-10-12 02:47 back.gif

I don't no what you are talking about??? you clean the file for desktop up??Please make a clear st ...

it's a false alarm, first on the virus, and second, it's just portable, meaning you can put it on a USB or file hoster, doesn't need an install, just click and run.

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loooping8 replied at 2013-10-12 07:37 back.gif

So you mean i can the quarantained file restore without damage my pc because i like to install it ...

yes I'm sure. and No I can't warranty your PC, I am not a business and I'm not paying for shipping and repair, if that's what you're getting at....

if you're paranoid, you can always use my alt link.

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