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ABkeeper's docviewer extension


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Copied from the original forum, ported over from userscripts by ABkeeper.

Then updated by myself. Outdated userscript version still available on the extensions site at extension.maxthon.com

And the userscript can be installed into violentmonkey separately too, here: https://userscripts.org/scripts/source/127774.user.js (links still need to fixed on this new forum, though I use my linkification extension, but even so...)



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Imanerd replied at 2013-3-8 05:51 back.gif

I did so also using "Add link". Didn't work. At least not when using the URL as the link text.

Same thing using reply from your post


Edit: link, adding text imanerds post

Really looks like a security measure in my view, I imagine this will change as you gain karma Imanerd.

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