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Well I'm not a programmer either (clearly!) and don't understand the code. Though I've found a couple of on-line tutorials which are helping with the basics.

Thanks for the tip about wrapping. I remember REM lines now, from when I used to mess around with BASIC. That'll be a handy time saver anyway and make it easier to remember to what I've done.

I've lost count of how many copies of Maxthon I've trashed while experimenting :)

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Tony, I have a question about one of your paragraphs:

to explain - in the skin you create anything you do is added to the main dir in ui.dat - so say all you wanted to so was create a new options menu you would create a skin with just the main menu dir and that would take priority over the standard main menu dir in ui.dat/main/main menu


Does this apply to all the directories in the skin provided they have matching names? I had encountered a problem with some icons that were missing from the skin images directory or the icons directory, but were present in the ui.dat corresponding directory. They appeared properly when I copied them into the skin's images or icons folders.

So, to clarify, do you mean the skin's directory REPLACES the matching ui.dat driectory of does it ADD it's contents to what is already in the ui.dat directory with priority to items from the skin's directory? If the first is what you meant, then the skin has to be complete with all the imagess or icons it needs; it can't depend on finding them in ui.dat (as I had assumed similar to the second option.)

My experience suggests that REPLACEMENT totally overriding everything in the corresponding ui.dat directory is the way it works. Agree? Or not?


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SnowLeopard replied at 2013-9-8 08:53 back.gif

OK, then my experience confirms that the skin folder(s) have to be complete because they replace t ...

Unless it's changed from the MX3 style of skinning, you don't need the entire folder/file structure to be in the skin file. Only the files that are changed need to be in the skin file, all the rest are taken from UI.dat.


If you mod the main\navbar\addressbox.css file to make the safety notification show on the right side, then that is the only file that is required in the skin file (in the correct folder) along with skin3.ini so MX knows the details of the skin.

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7twenty replied at 2013-9-7 15:43 back.gif

Unless it's changed from the MX3 style of skinning, you don't need the entire folder/file structur ...

OK, you're saying the skin files are priority overlays (replacements) for the same files in ui.dat.

However, my experience (referred to above) had to do with images which were NOT in the skin file and were in the ui.dat, but did not display until I copied them into the skin/main/images folder.

In my case the overlay model didn't seem to work. See closing paragraph. Problem solved.

I'm certainly anxious to see a full skin switching mechanism implemented. I've played with MX3 and its skins. They really are convenient and show up in the selector immediately if you have it open when you drop a skin in.

Now I have another case: JarC's GrayColor and BlueColor skins do not have a "main" folder, but they have an alternate folder with the same structure but an alternate name.

Ooopps, that answers my question above about the icons. There were no matching files in ui.dat because it has no folder by that skin folder name. Phew, the overlay model still works.


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