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einherz replied at 2013-10-31 15:04 back.gif

i dont use readers mods, have me replace? did the last time I had don't remember?

anyway, you'd just wanna download the page.dat inside the 7z archive I've provided above. is the specific post in reply to mine, from before.

other mods: and


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14243878 replied at 2013-12-3 03:35 back.gif

actually'll copy the en lang and rus and on the same thing but I'm in the browser POLISH therefore m ...

You need to add and translate the following strings:

1. Add section:


;; Quick-Access


QuickAccessTitle=Quick Access

QuickAccessOptions=Quick Access Options

QuickAccessTableSize=Table Size

QuickAccessHideSearchEngine=Hide Search Engine

QuickAccessHideQuickLinks=Hide Quick Links

QuickAccessHideTitleDial=Hide Title Dial

2. In


;; Quick Access Page


add and translate following strings:

Refresh All=Refresh All

Table Size=Table Size


PageSize=Number of Dials:

HideSearchEngine=Hide Search Engine

HideTitleDial=Hide Title Dial

UrlThumbPlaceHolder=Enter picture URL

DialTransparent=Thumbnails Transparency

DialShadow=Thumbnails Shadow

DialSpanSize=Dials Distance (20-100)

HidePage=Hide Page Navigation

DisablePage=Disable Extra Pages

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npo33770 replied at 2013-12-3 15:00 back.gif

Here is another problem in Feed Reader, the icons for change view and expand/collapse feeds, its gon ...

This Mod is only QA Mod. Feed Reader doesn't depend on it. About another problem - I'll chek it.

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