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I've submitted a request to Tor for mxaddon torbutton

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So I've done this. Hopefully it's delivered. I may be an add-on dev and a porter-over, however, this one I doubt anything fruitful will come of it, before I've even tried starting. Maybe if they don't deliver and someone with much much more experience (I'm mostly talking to you, Positronis, buddy; but feel free to say no though--for that, I've also attached the xpi file).

I use it to bypass at college. Thank goodness for file-hoster backups when the school, after more than a year of unblocked status, decides to censor it:


Now onto my "Create your own experiment" paper.


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Imanerd replied at 2013-8-7 09:34 back.gif

okay that was quick. either way, it apparently won't be happening. Crud.

like you said: "quick"

(un)like justice: "slow"


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