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This Extension is a collection of over 100 Flash based games that you can play right from your Sidebar opening up onto a page entirely within your browser.

Games can also be played without being a Plugin by extracting the folder and simply opening the main html page (zGames.html) and clicking your desired game.

Note: All games and copyright belongs to the respective game developers and owners. This collection is only provided for entertainment and ease of use purposes, under the auspicious of FAIR USE.

Size: 50MB's



p.s. The plugin will be improved and further developed as time allows. The current version was from Maxthon Classic years ago, so the style of the list and many of the games are a bit outdated. Both will soon be improved.

Also, I wasn't able to add this to the Extension site because of it's size.

This is an "unofficial" Maxthon Add-on!


C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_COMPUTER_USER_NAME\Application Data\Maxthon3\Users\your_email@maxthon.xxx\Addons\

1. Copy/Paste the add-on to the above folder path, which is what it looks like in XP.

Other systems likely different. Key thing is to find your "Application Folder" under the User you are logged into, and then the path is the same there-after.

2. Close the Browser

3. Open browser and go to your Extension Settings, check the box to enable this plugin.



Enjoy! :)

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or if you dont use the dock it can go in quicktools - may mess other stuff up as they dont like us messing in there

it needs a valid guid number from another quicktool app and pointing at the toolbar

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for purposes of getting rid of the 30 second wait and captcha, I hope it's okay if I rehost it?; direct d/l link for you: https://www.cubby.com/pl/UltimateGames.7z/_282bce7146b242abbc06d5178a742e58; also compressed; blame the college for forcing me to use computers with 2 gigs of ram, and a must use of portableapps 7zip (thus not the better alpha version), for crappy compression ratio, sorry.

Also there's no such thing as unofficial Maxthon addons, or even official - ALL of them are unofficial in *that* sense. They are contributed to, by the community.

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leeuniverse replied at 2013-8-6 14:51 back.gif

Sure, I probably should have at least zipped it (though people will need soft for 7z).

Well it's act ...

you can always unpack it online and download the files if you don't have an archiver:

http://b1.org/online - upload the 7z and extract and then download. Plus most people on the forums have either 7zip or WinRAR anyway.

And 7z is a good compression ratio to its competition. To put it in just a zip would be near-pointless in size difference to save bandwidth. I had originally, actually uploaded withOUT compression, but then RE-uploaded.

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