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I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so if I'm wrong - I'm very sorry and please move it.


I love Maxthon, it is really the best and the fastest browser on the market, having all fun stuff like file sniffer, reading mode, night mode, web tools and so on BUT:

I think that you should implement lets call it a Privacy Guard - a script(?) which works like Ghostery on other browsers, because as I don't like be followed by so many scripts gathering informations about me I literally can't use your awesome browser.. :(

IMHO more people would appreciate this, not to mention that Maxthon would be the first browser with such a feature.

About ad-filtering just one thing: PLEASE allow users to use lists like fanboy or adblock, because as AdHunter may work, it doesn't in Poland and I guess in many more countries.

I know there are extensions which allow to do that, but lets just say they're dissapointing ;)


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there are other threads already about this, and there is an extension called noads, which works as an alternative to the more commonly-used adblock or its similar cousin, AdblockPLUS.

ON there, you can NOT ONLY subscribe to ad blocking rules, both easylist-based AND fanboy...but fanboy ALSO has a list called the ultimate list, which blocks BOTH ads AND trackers, AND annoyances (which accomplishes both your requests)...I can't get the link right now, because I'm on xbox, sorry. Although, I'm not sure if the ultimate list, SPECIFICALLY, has a Polish version. I only know that the main easylist ones have Polish amongst other languages, and the main fanboy lists also might have it as well, minus the ones under "other lists."

Once you have noads installed, go to the options panel by hitting alt shift p, and select the subscriptions tab. get the url for the ultimate list from fanboy's site, and paste it in the custom textbox in the options panel. select the radiobutton next to it though.

The info, though is in other threads....please use the search feature at the top of every forum page.

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