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All I really need is for Maxthon to not go to the the drop-down box when a certain number of tabs is reached (sorry, don't remember the correct name for it), but, instead scroll all the tabs. The way I use Maxthon for research I have a lot of tabs open at once and instead of a single click to activate a tab I have to mouse over> click the arrow> mouse down> click the get to the next tab I have to repeat the laborious steps instead of simply clicking on the next tab in line.

I was told that there's no way to switch this to scrolling tabs in the current version of Maxthon. Is there a skin that keeps all the same features but allows for scrolling tabs?

If you know of any better options that would be appreciated.


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Thanks, tony, but it's not working with v4.1.0.2000 on XP SP3.

I'll try and post a pic: Perhaps the tabs are opening, but, as you can see, neither the drop-down box nor the next tab appears. It stops at 8 tabs open/visible and the Minimize icon is just to the right of that 8th tab.

(Hmm? I tried clicking on "Image" and it asked for a URL. I then tried "Attach" and selected the jpg, but I don't see any confirmation that it uploaded and I don't see a preview button anywhere. Hopefully, it'll post.)


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Does anybody know of a skin that keeps all the same features and functionality of Maxthon but allows for scrolling tabs?

Or do you know of one that allows for scrolling tabs that has changed-up the interface? I can try it and see if I can work with the changes.

Even a more basic question: where do I find skins to try? I've looked all over the site and didn't find them.

It seems that clicking Menu> Skins, only allows you to swap a simple layout and change color or add a picture.


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