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10youtube.com vid downloader


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DOWNLOAD: https://cdn.dropmark.com/42078/904a3c3c3d6d23ab6b345776c50f2f712b3c70fb/10Youtube.com%20Video%20Downloader.mxaddon .............or.......... see attachment, here:


So, the extension center has taken too long for me to be patient for it to release *only* there, so I've decided to share it here, externally hosted.

thanks to Positronis for the immense help, deeply appreciated.

does NOT work in FEATHER mode beta on YT.

If you get an invalid certificate warning, ignore it please. I'm an httpS-aholic, so I make everything "secure" whenever it actually works, even if solely through way of redirect to a non-secure page. I'm a weirdo, yes.



10Youtube.com Video Downloader.mxaddon


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