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On 5/18/2024 at 11:30 PM, Cllaymenn said:

Can you introduce an option to sync all open tabs? :)
When I log in on a new Windows system and install the new Maxthon 7 browser, and when I log in, the option "Do you want to load all browser tabs from the last synchronization?" will be visible.
I often have hundreds of tabs open and there is a problem when I cannot access them on a new computer/system. And you have to cheat the browser by replacing session files manually, which doesn't always work perfectly.

The second important improvement is the protection of open tabs. I often had problems in Maxthon 6 when there was a sudden crash and I lost hundreds of open tabs, and the session files were overwritten after restarting the browser :(.

It would be good to introduce a few lines of code that will create backup copies of the last session and all bookmarks each time you start/stop Maxthon. Preferably 2-3 files from the last sessions (I have this option in 3ds max - it creates an autosave every few minutes, and creates a set number of autosaves, e.g. 50 files, so that they don't overwrite every now and then. And then it's easy to go back to the older version when something goes missing in project : ) )

Hi Cllaymenn, suggestions recorded.

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Key Updates

Added new tab sign-in guide New


Fixed issues with data handling errors leading to sync failure

Fixed shadow overlay issues on new tab sites and optimized popup display styles

Fixed text layout issues in extension management

Fixed known crashes

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On 5/11/2024 at 9:32 PM, Jus2021 said:

+ Guest account upgrade: Automatically creates a virtual email account for guests, allowing them to participate in daily sign-in activities and earn coins.

I do not understand why the program should suggest creating the Guest account. The local account is not enough? Now, after updating from version to this version, my local account disappeared. Thanks to God, I had a copy of earlier version.

I think I will stick to this version for long.


I understand your frustration with the update causing your local account to disappear. It's important for software updates to enhance user experience, not disrupt it. Hopefully, future updates will address this issue and provide a smoother transition.

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