[PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon

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Hello, I am BouRock (Maxthon Receive Address: 1uc8ak8n7$mx). I am the translater of this browser since 2002 or 2003 when its name was MyIE2. It will be always up to date!!!

tr.ini (2023-11-15)

tr.ini (2023-11-07)

tr.ini (2023-09-25)

tr.ini (2023-09-18)

tr.ini (2023-09-11)

tr.ini (2023-09-04)

tr.ini (2023-08-28)

tr.ini (2023-08-21)

tr.ini (2023-08-14)

tr.ini (2023-08-01)

tr.ini (2023-07-29)

tr.ini (2023-07-24)

tr.ini (2023-07-20)

tr.ini (2023-07-11)

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