Why recommended image in my quick acess are all broken.

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I did doubt this bug can be a side effect due to I unzip v7 and run it once. However, a very interesting thing happens today, The Maxon on my another office PC (also win10) also has broken recommended image and once-generated screenshot image , That PC doesn't install any other Maxthon. Can I reasonablly doubt the recommended image or generated screen shot image is stored somethere and pointed using a remote local http link (e.g. or localhost//... ...) and the linking has problem due to some unknown cause? I have this doubt because back in much older version, when a new page created, you use some similar http link (pc-newtab ...// ... something like this) to open quick access and I once report a bug that Maxthon can't open quick acess from time to time.

Or does Maxthon store these image in your server under guest account since these two win10s has no any connection between them. The only thing I can figure out that may cause such phenomena is that these images are stored back to your server and each time I open Maxthon it will get it from server if necessary(e.g. the cache doesn't hit the images the Maxthon wants).

I'd like to know is all these bug normally only happend in portable version?

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