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Hi Maxthon i like the browser, however i have issue/improvemnet tip for you.

Im using the latest BETA MX7 xxx

and i have noticed, that if i want to switch tabs, there is little empty space on top of the tab and i need to move my mouse little bit lower to be able switch to another tab.

This is very annoying. I try to swith another theme but the little space is still there :(

Is it possible to somehow switch to the old MX6 view/Skin/theme where the little extra empty space is not there?



Thank you for your reply


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On 12/12/2022 at 7:46 AM, ricixxx said:

Ah sry nevermind i got it :)

problem fixed in the version



Thanks Sir. When i will be able to download this version as i still see only the 


Thanks https://eldfall-chronicles.com/

https://erasmus-home.com/en/rent-apartment/rent-apartment-zadar/ R

No other site has this problem. And it's slow in other browsers also. HIE

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