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5 hours ago, Poizon said:

Guys, it's not serious at all!
Did you even give a damn about the quick access page?

I think people don't realize how "few" people are actually part of this project now to work on it.
So, it's a matter of "priority"...  "Cosmetic" and little conveniences don't have as big a priority as bugs etc. so they are taking forever to get to.

They DO get to them occasionally, but it's a crap shoot when that occurs.  Like me, after 2 years they finally got to a couple of my biggest irritations, but there are several others less so they still need to get to.  Remember, this was always a browser the CEO made for himself, and it's almost always been just him and a different number of dev's helping him depending on how many users (aka how much money being made).  Right now, Maxthon sadly likely has the least amount of users EVER, so Development is going much slower.  I always lament if Maxthon had went to Chromium initially instead of Webkit and whatever, it could have been Vivaldi, but Maxthon thus better.

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On 11/26/2022 at 5:36 AM, 1bit said:

In 2600, the same error: when automatically substituting the login and password on the site, an authorization error occurred.
A wildcard username appears on the form's input button instead of "LOGIN".

Hi 1bit, could you please provide the specific URL of this issue? It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of it. 

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1. Been there since day 1 of Maxthon v6, but, still getting missing or incorrect icons for programs in download manager (even though I have done what you suggested & changed to a different version of Windows (still can't believe that was suggested!), so have a fresh install of Windows 11 Professional, fully up-to-date & a fresh install of Maxthon.

2. Still getting duplicate entries in download manager for items that are only once downloaded... when clearing the list, the duplicates can not be removed, but after exit & reload Maxthon, they're not there, confirming a caching issue.

The download manager is my biggest issue (plus, of course, the ridiculously out-of-date kernel & the fact it was only updated once this year) that's stopping me installing Maxthon on customer's computers.  Over the years, with previous versions, I've installed Maxthon 1000's of times for customers, but since version 6 came out, I think only 3 or 4 times! I tell customers Maxthon is the better product & I'm beta testing it, but say it's just not ready yet for everyday use.  Obviously, I'd rather just install Maxthon for them so they too can get the benefit of the wonderful product & features... no, wait, that's Maxthon v5! 😉

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