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[FEATURE REQUEST] Editing of domains for passwor manager + it ignores subdomains

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In the olden days of MX 2 / 3 / 4 the password manager had option to edit URL for which the password will be filled. Currently this option is disabled. Also the password manager doesnt take the whole domain into account.

It takes into account only domain of second level (domain.tld) and not any of the subdomains (subdomain.domain.tld).

On subdomains, it shows passwords for the main domain and for all other subdomains which is really impractical.

So, URLS should be editable in password manager and the password manager should take subdomains into account.

I've requested this base feature that used to be present in the browser before only to be told that the request has been noted, but it still is not present. This is quite important to have working. PLease look at it.

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