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When on YouTube the AdHunter extension blocks the image of the search button, the YouTube logo/home button, and some other things it shouldn't, I've added these to the white-list but it did nothing, how do I go about fixing this?

Also, how do I get rid of the previous page button? I keep on mistaking it for the refresh button. xD

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Hi, and welcome to the forum :)

Are you sure that they are being blocked by adhunter? Please update to the latest forum version which addresses this error.

Please be reminded to search before starting new threads, a search for "Youtube" would have found a number of threads relating to this problem. TIA

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kvreddy replied at 2013-5-2 06:34 back.gif

i am not getting any problem to watch video in the youtube.....

except update checker only checks final versions.

look closely, please, at where your screenshot says, and the release to which a link was given by BugSir, says Beta.

Thanks in advance. Might fix the problem.

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joemax replied at 2013-6-18 11:27 back.gif

Hi, and welcome to the forum

Are you sure that they are being blocked by adhunter? Please update ...

it's because of Google's switch to WebP image format, so Maxthon doesn't support those, as I've read elsewhere on these forums.

It's not by adhunter, tested and confirmed. Heck, it happened within one particular night and I hadn't changed any youtube adhunter rules in between that time. disabling has no effect.

Yes, UA controls what the site thinks you are using, thus fooling it into displaying certain elements that are not shown otherwise, however, Google runs Chrome from Chromium open source of course, so Chromium no doubt supports WebP images. That having been said, if you change it to another UA, it might work in theory, but I have a custom UA as Maxthon, which almsot all sites think is Chrome. If Chrome supports WebP, then I'd have no problem displaying it, yet I do. In this case, it's not a matter of the site displaying content based on a spoofed or unspoofed browser type, but an unsupported format in the webkit file(s). At least, this is to the best of my knowledge. I will switch to Opera UA for a moment, and let everyone know if it works, nevertheless.

edit: actually you're correct, it does fix it. Weird. Can't explain this, unless I have misread or dreamt a post on the forum regarding unsupported WebP images, or if it might have been wrong. And since when did iPad show up as a possible custom UA. I go in there all the time, and I've NEVER seen it. Perhaps I'm losing my sanity.

It bothers me, but I haven't said anything because it's not a big deal to me, personally, and because it's already been posted elsewhere, anyway. Like joemax says, please use the search function before posting an issue, because it might be there already somewhere.

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