Is Maxthon suitable for use on Windows? Does it have any advantages over Firefox


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I'd set out on a quest to find a good browser for my Windows device that wasn't Chrome or Edge (I believe Blink is a heavily spoiled version of Webkit), so I settled on Firefox with Gecko (which is actually good), but after using Webkit on iPadOS and MacOS, I'm in love with how light and smooth it is, and I guess Maxthon is Webkit?? However, please inform me about it.

Thank you very much!!!

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Maxthon based on Chromium, which is based on Blink, which is based on WebKit - in much same way like Google Chrome. However the main reason I'm using Maxthon, because it has dual engine. It runs IE as second engine (Retro mode) and I can open web sites based on IE on my corporate network without switching to different browser. IE tab of Google Chrome is not compatible with all old web sites based on IE.

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