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Mouse hovered over the favorites, the MX6 would turn itself


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My problem resurfaced.
When I used the MX, when the mouse hovered over the favorites, the MX6 would turn itself off before I made a selection.
Thankfully, BugSir006 helped. The problem was solved by deleting the extra links in the Favorites column.
But now after installing Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3300 same trouble started.
The MX6 turns itself off when the mouse is scrolling through the frequent users column. I deleted all the extra links in the favorites.

My system is Windows 10 Pro x64 Graphics card Geoforce Gx Latest version. Direct X 11 installed. Notebook.
The crash file is attached. Also attached is the favorites file.
Thanks BugSir006 and friends who will help.
This made me sad and depressed. I've never used the MX6. I had to switch to the MX5. It was boring to me too.

Backups.zip bookmarks.7z Crashpad.zip

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