Why windows always popup alert dialog when running MX6

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2 hours ago, scottchu.tw said:

Each time I run MX6, Windows will popup an alert dialog saying running this ap could harm the computer, sorta of things, ... etc and ask me to click a button to run or cancel. May I know why? Does MX6 retrieve and convey something from my computer and pass back some servers?

Hi scottchu.tw, could you provide us with a screenshot of the popup for this issue?

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1 hour ago, scottchu.tw said:

Yes, I can. It's just a standard system's security alert dialog but I'm using Chinese Windows, so you need someone to understand it. Here is the attached dialog screenshot.

2021-08-25 15_00_14-Clipboard.png

Hi scottchu.tw, the next time this popup appears again, could you do us a favour and check on your task manager to see what is the complete command line? Kindly send us a screenshot as follows:



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Check this url: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/all/open-file-security-warning/5add01b0-7663-4524-b8e8-21e1f706da83

It is the issue of open file security warning.  I read some sites. It's due to the publisher of the program to run is unknown or the program could download other program afer running, the warning dialog will be popup. MX5 doesn't have this issue but MX6 does. There must be some difference between MX5's and MX6's executable file. I check the task manager, there's no information worthy to see since MX6 is not yet running. Many people just disable this warning dialog but I'm a cautious man so I reflect this issue on community. Is it really safe to disable the warning when running MX6, in your opinion? BTW, I always use portable version.

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