M6.1.2.500: Odd field behaviour

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Running the latest beta,, I've started noticing a couple of odd occasions where I can't, or it is not easy to, focus/activate a form input field.

The most obvious of this is on XE's currency converter, where the whole form is out of line and I cannot focus the amount field in order to change it from the default 1.



I've had something similar, although it's not occurring right now, strangely, on https://weather.com/, where the search field in the centre of the top bar was similarly not responding to my clicking on it and trying to give it focus.

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Oh, that's odd. Their system has changed and I'm getting the same behaviour in Chrome and Edge. It's a bug at their end.

Both currency fields should indeed be changeable, as illustrated in your video, but the amount field ('1') should also be editable so the user can convert between specific amounts.

It's a bug, but it's not Maxthon's fault!

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