MX6 PC Beta & Android Release


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17 hours ago, mxuser said:

a small cosmetic bug, if you press the "back" / "forward" buttons and leave the mouse pointer over the "stop" button, the "home" button will be displayed instead of the "refresh" button.




win7 ultimate, V6.1.2.500 portable version 64-bit

Bug reported. ?

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Hello, a question regarding Lock/Pin Tab functionality. Will the tab locking mechanism known from MX5 (and older versions of Maxthon) be implemented at some point in MX6 or is the Pin Tab function supposed to replace the tab locking completely?

Being a long-time user of Maxthon I cannot get used to the pin tab functionality which I consider far inferior to the previous tab locking mechanism. Rationale:

  1. Locked tab status could be applied and removed very quickly via mouse gesture in MX5. Not possible with MX6 pin tab functionality and given the current implementation of tab pinning I'm not sure it would even make sense.
  2. Locking the tab would not change its position among other opened tabs in MX5. Pinned tab in MX6 gets always moved to the very left of the open tabs row.
  3. Locked tab could be repositioned anywhere among the open tabs in MX5. This along with the aforementioned item #2 made it much easier to navigate to pages/tabs opened from within this locked tab in MX5. Switching to a page opened from a pinned tab is cumbersome to say the least in MX6.
  4. Locked tab supported automatic notifications of the page in MX5. No so with the pinned tabs which do not seem to autorefresh reliably in MX6 (e.g. I stopped receiving notification from Google Hangouts messaging completely with MX6 pinned tab functionality).

In other words, I would very much appreciate having the original MX5 Lock Tab functionality reintroduced in MX6, leaving either the pin tab mechanism as a secondary/optional or removing it for its redundancy and inferiority completely.

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On 4/4/2021 at 4:17 PM, proniceras said:

In the latest Release for Android, some of the settings do not work. I can't change the search agent, auto full screen, page zoom. I'm using Android 10.

This known bug will be  fixed as soon as possible.

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