MX6 PC Beta Release


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20 hours ago, S1v said:

Is it possible to save/restore form data (not only with passwords), like it was in MX5?

Hi there, Maxnote data can be synced between the Maxthon 5 and Maxthon 6. You can add the website URL to Maxnote directly in Maxthon 6.

To check the Maxnote, you can go to mx://note/

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2 hours ago, pks01 said:


Where is the progress bar for the download manager at the bottom of the page the same as it was in the latest stable release?


What are you calling the "latest stable release"? None of the MX6 releases would be considered "unstable". And you do realize that MX6 is new browser, using the chromium core, and as yet does not have all of the features from the old MX5 implemented, and who knows, maybe they never will be. The latest MX6 beta (but still stable) is MX6.1.2.500 and if you pin the download manager icon to the icon bar, the icon will indicate the progress of your download with a progress circle around the outside of the icon. In addition, you can click on the DM icon and have a progress bar displayed in a drop down window if you so desire.


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