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Problem with Outlook online on latest MX version [Ver. (64-bit) 0226]

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Hello, I recently tried the latest version [ (64-bit) 0226] in portable mode.
I usually do this before replacing the installed version to make sure everything is OK.

When trying to open my email - outlook online (https://outlook.office.com/) but instead of it opening as usual, I'm getting the following error page:


and the "More details" doesn't add any relevant information (my IP address and such).
I tried using the previous version of Maxthon at the same time and it works fine (as well as MX5).

I also tried clearing the cache end browser data (completely) as well as turning off any add-in (such as ad block) - nothing changed.

I have no idea what the issue is, it looks like it tries to reload the page over and over and just fails after enough attempts..

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