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maxthon.com being blocked


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A few weeks ago my company increased the network level of security; I can still access most of the sites on the internet however for some reason maxthon.com is now being blocked. 
I am not sure what criteria did my company use to decide which websites to block (of course all porn/malware, etc. sites are being blocked, but regular sites are not) so I am wondering what does maxthon.com have so that it is being blocked...?  Any idea? 

And the worse part is not that, the worse is that as a result MX5 became crazy. Since they are blocking maxthon.com, when I open MX5 the tabs keep refreshing non stop and an error appears, no matter if I open a blank page, I still get the same error (I guess that's because MX5 is internally connecting with maxthon.com or something being blocked too). 

Then I tried using MX6 and since they increased the level of security MX6 does not even open (I can still install and run any other apps in my computer). I guess that must be related to the same that is happening to MX5, guessing that MX6 tries to contact maxthon.com on launch, fails probably explodes before even loading the screen....

Any help would be welcome, 

I don't care not being able to access maxthon.com , but not being able to use either MX5 or MX6 is a pain... I have all my bookmarks and work notes there...  


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Companies nowadays are taking drastic policies, what is good for them is good for you.

i worked for a particular company where you only could connect through a local network.

cybersecurity subcontractors decide what is right or wrong and which internal ID got rights to do something

in fact only Edge was authorized and no other one. you also can't use external email service

and so on. And nobody will take care of your needs. Fortunately you could do anything with your smartphone

as a good return we made help calls each time any issue came up, even if we knew how to fix and it costs a lot

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