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Good afternoon to everyone.

I'm a happy user of Maxthon since 2006, and I love all features of Maxthon, including screen capture.

Maxthon 5 let me have a CTRL+F1 capture and paste directly on Outlook email as HTML part.

Maxthon 6 natively, since beta versions, didn't allow. Whenever I was pasting it onto Outlook, it paste it as a snap attachment.
So, what was I doing? I did past the captured area on Word document, re-copy it, and paste into Outlook email as HTML part.

Since version (?? I dont know), I could capture and paste on Outlook email directly: WONDERFUL! 

But, since version Maxthon Browser V6.1.1.1000 Released 01/30/2021 (notes in the changelog):Fixed the issue that the screen capture could not work properly),

I can't paste it anymore directly, becasue it's pasting as a snap attachment, v6.1.1.1100 released yesterday 7th Feb has the same issue.

Would you like to help me, in explaining if the "screen capture style MX5" would be back, or if I have to forget about it? it's much more comfortable, for my activity, having MX5 way :).

In any case, thanks for the great job, and have a nice day!

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43 minutes ago, marillo said:

Issue not solved with recent - still pasting on Outlook as attachment "snapscreen.png"

Hi there, sorry for inconvenience. This function conflicts with another function "paste the screenshot to the folder directly." Outlook recognizes the screenshot as the file but not the image, could you try to contact the Outlook Support to submit a feedback? 

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