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(i am not screaming when i put an individual word in all caps, i am merely putting focus on that particular word, nor am i angry)

Hello can some one help me with this VIRUS in MX6 when i use google with MX6 i get a VIRUS THREATH BLOCK but when i use another browser in this case "comodo dragon browser" and also chrome but i didnt use that in this video cause it is the same result.. and also opera and slimjet and edge and firefox and even IE.. i can just use google without some weird virus popping up.. this makes MX6 useless for me and it is messed up cause i have been faithfully using Maxthon since MX3.. and now in MX6 i am having all these problems.. i think this is the final problem if this doesnt get fixed i cant use it anymore and it is not that i do not want to but i simply can not listen to that irritating DING DING DING every second i use a google search and i use google search "A LOT" i have to...

(I really hate to say it but daaaaammit.. i think i will have to go and find another browser cause there is something wrong with MX6 and none other browser is not my computer that is infected with some virus it is MAXTHON6 100%.. i have tested all my other browsers and i can not find anything.. so yeah.. for my own sake and my computer safety? ill put MX6 on hold) which is really MESSED UP but better then getting infected cause if i turn the virus off ONE SECOND i will be infected)

Since 2010 i have been using MAXTHON so to me a 10 year dating (going steady has to come to an end cause MY GIRLFRIEND MAXTHON is trying HER BEST to give me an STD (sexual transmitted disease) i need a condom for MX6.. i dont need a condom for chrome, comodo dragon, opera, firefox, slimjet, edge

But then again when MX3 was around i didnt want all those browsers cause they were no good but now they have been updating them and i recently went back to them and guess what? They are kinda good and better now.. waaaaay better then in 2010... sooo.... yeah.. but i am attached to MAXTHON cause we been through sooooooo many things...

I was hoping you people at MX6 can fix this problem and get my girl back up and running CLEAN with NO STD'S.. i dont like filthy whores i want a clean relationship with no condom and no vaseline...

Can you fix my baby for me.. i dont wanna dumb the whore after 10 years... waaaaaaaaaaaaait.. its 2021... 11 years ooooooh man... 11 years.. i didnt even count correctly.. i was still thinking we are in 2020... ooooooh shiiiiiiit... an 11 year old relationship is going to fall apart cause of some STD's sickness

HELP ME FIX MY SICK vagina baby... HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!! 01:13 min video attached to show my problem with MX6 compared to "comodo dragon browser"

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23 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi there, which components did you install?



It was an extension i will now turn if off and see for a day if i do not get that virus detect anymore.. the other person gave me a hint and when i turned of that google extension the virus detect was gone.. now i will see for a whole day.. and i installed of AVAST... file shield, web shield, mail shield, ransomware shield, browser cleanup, do not disturb mode...

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On 1/11/2021 at 1:03 PM, BugSir006 said:

Hi there, you can open the browser menu (Alt+F) > General > Import Maxthon 5 account data from server.

Import account data.jpg

Thanks, it worked.
Another question: do you plan to make it possible to select an avatar for a bookmark in the form of a site image in the quick access panel, as it was in version 5.xx?



It is very comfortable!!


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7 hours ago, KSab said:

Another question: do you plan to make it possible to select an avatar for a bookmark in the form of a site image in the quick access panel, as it was in version 5.xx?

Hi there, the screenshot option for Quick Access will be added to the future version. ?

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