AutoHotKey cannot detect Maxthon 6


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I felt that this is more appropriate for this forum than the AHK one because it might be something that Maxthon itself is causing than AHK. Possibly something regarding browser security?

I use the IfWinActive function with AHK to have some macros be restricted exclusively to the web browser, but for some reason it cannot detect Maxthon using any method (class or exe).

The test case script is simple, it causes an audible sound on "a" key press:
"ahk_exe Maxthon.exe" is interchangeable with "ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1"; in the prior case, the hotkey works for Maxthon 5, in the latter, the hotkey works for Chrome. Neither work for Maxthon 6, despite having either identifier (see picture below). Title identifier doesn't work either.


#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Maxthon.exe

	SoundBeep 1000

My only deduction is that it's Maxthon's "fault" for making itself "unhijackable" for what I assume to be security reasons, but I think it should be laxed with AHK as an exception if it's possible.


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