Request: audio control over embedded videos - always on

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I have a request since this becomes a recurring theme for me.
In many websites (such is 9gag) any video being played is usually too loud in my setup and I have to keep lowering the volume every time.
The problem is that I don't want to mess around with my main sound settings - the yare just fine, I just want to have the volume bar available.
Instead, I have to keep using right-click and get to the "Show controls" on embedded videos before I can change the volume,

It is possible to simply have it turned on be default (could be a choice on/off) such that I won't have to click it on the menu every time?
(Imagine going a pass on 9gag and repeating it for every single page)




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That's not how it works.
I have requested this with a reason, not because I'm lazy adjusting the volume outside Maxthon.

Given the current situation, without right-clicking and showing the control, my options are muted or full volume.
Understand that with digital output to a receiver, the Windows volume settings are ignored and bypassed.

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