Keep extensions, settings and more when using portable version

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just trying mx6 here. Looks very promising.

It's a totally different browser from Maxthon 5: you can feel it's some sort of chrome but on a very embryonic stage of development.

There are lots of missing feature to be categorized as a Maxthon Browser Software like we all know and we all used before (network sniffer, video player popup, direct video link download, bottom status bar indicator,  ...), but it look promising, although I was expecting I could move the portable version between different PCs without having to worry about extensions to be deleted (because we all know the policy of chrome that does not support moving extensions on another PC without using sync and logging into google account to restore them).

I never logged into my google account to restore extensions. I never save my extensions into my google account. That's something I would avoid.

I would like to have a completely portable maxthon 6 with extensions and settings so when I use mx6 on some USB drive or when I move mx6 to another PC, I'm expecting to see my extensions and my settings back where they are without worry about syncing with servers (google servers or other servers).

By the way there are versions of chrome based browser which actually do that, but they are a little bit too old...


Is that possible to achieve in future version of mx6 ? Otherwise it won't make any sense a "portable" version of mx6 (am I right? :Thinking_Face_Emoji_42x42: )



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