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Inga Ozolina

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I have reset settings to default and now I am having problem - and can't remember how and where to fix it.

When I open a link (into a new tab) (let's say from my gmail), I would like to stay in current tab not to immediately switch to newly opened link.

Sorry if my English is not very good, just hope I did explain what I mean...

What in settings and where I need to check/uncheck to not let switch to newly opened link but stay in same tab (but link opens in the new one of course...)?

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8 minutes ago, Inga Ozolina said:

MX5Beta: v5.3.8.2100

before I reset settings (this same browser version) to default it worked as I like it lol - opens link in new tab but focus stay on current tab...

Hi there, you can click the middle mouse button to open the link in the background.

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Hello and thanks :)

Yes I know, I can click middle button or use Ctrl+click and it will open in new window while I stay in current tab, but... there was an option that I can click just like any normal link and if it's set to open in new tab/window - it opens in the background... Now I can not see that option anymore and was wondering how comes that day earlier it worked and after reset it dissapeared lol...

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