How to delete search record from search bar in MX6


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Maxthon V6.1.0.500

As topic mentioned, unable to delete the search record from the search bar (as pic shows)

Tried many methods such as clear cookies or reset, no use at all

Is there anyone can help? Thanks in advanced (this topic was posted in the Chinese forum but no one replies)

问题:如何清除标签页 我的最爱(网站收藏)上方 搜索栏中的历史记录(参见附件图片),尝试过清空浏览器数据,重置等等方式,就差卸载重装了,无论如何都无法删除搜索栏的历史记录。 (image link)

I couldn't insert image into this post, so only attached the link of my screenshot

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