History import from Maxthon 4.9 browser history?

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I just upgraded to try Maxthon 5 since Maxthon 4 is very unreliable and is prone to slow downs, freezes, time outs, crashes and worse. But when my stuff was imported from the earlier version of Maxthon 4, my history did not come w/ it. Why not? Is there any way to bring that history over from maxthon 4.9 to this maxthon 5 browser's history pages? How do I do it? Thanks a lot and you will be literally saving my life because I am so depressed, frustrated and angry that I am ready to do something desperate if I can't get these precious history memories back soon. Have a nice weekend all.- Jack McElwee/keimanzero Keiman of Anime  Campbelltown PA

thekeiman0@gmail.com and I LOVE to get eMails from new friends and new acquaintances since my family hates me and my friends ignore my pleas for help. 

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