Maxthon 6, Blockchain Browser – Part 1


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Well, it's only part I, however I wonder - the Vbox may support all applications, but how many applications will support and use Vbox? And how many other identity managers are and will be out there, working with applications? So, what it GMails (as such application I suppose) does not endorse Vbox? Or any other, in that matter. Otherwise, seems a good feature, still can't say great. And, I believe I already know of other such blockchain uses and managers.

Apart from that, even thogh this may not be the right place, let's get to the basics - we have a now very old MX5 and no MX6 out. So, we are already in the situation that MX5 is being rejected and literally can't be used for some sites and purposes any more. So, we switch and use something else until MX6 is out or we just switch? Really, MX5 never got to be the real replacement of MX3 and MX4 we expected. Limited feature set, you know...

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