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The MX6 alpha 2 test has been successfully completed. Some users have experienced this new browser.

As you can see, the default color of MX6 is "Classic Blue". Classic blue is the color of the starry sky. It is peaceful and mysterious. Why does MX6 choose this color? On one hand, it hopes to bring everyone calm and be able to focus in the era of information explosion; on the other hand, it also expresses Maxthon team's exploration and yearning for the mysterious future.


In MX6's default skin, we also provide "Classic Light Blue". If you prefer light colors, please go to "Settings" and switch in the "Appearance" page. In the future, we will also provide more skin options and the customizations.


As a new product with the Chromium open-source kernel, MX6 integrates many new features in product design. We will introduce these new features in a series of articles.

Today, let's take a look at the design of user accounts on local computer and Maxthon accounts on the cloud.

Unlike MX5, which is designed to be a cloud browser, MX6 is more about client software and focuses on the design of users and data.

You can create multiple users locally, each with its own data. Click the user avatar on the address bar, and then you can switch to another user or add a new user through [Manage People].


This setting can be more flexible to meet users' complex needs. For example, you can build a user for work and a user for life, and then manage the data separately.


If a couple share a computer at home, it can be the same.....


If you create a user locally, you do not need to sign in to the Maxthon account. If you need to use data from multiple terminals, or need to backup data, please sign in to the Maxthon account.


Different users can sync data to different Maxthon accounts, so that even if a couple share a computer at home, they can also protect their data and avoid data confusion.

In addition, MX6 supports [Incognito Window]. When the browser used in this way, the browsing data will not be saved.

Although affected by the pandemic, MX6 team works from home in different places in the world, we will still improve every detail and promise to provide you with the best product experience.

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so a few questions

1 - the themes/skins are just different colours - good for those who are happy with that but what about full UI changes as was possible in all earlier version

2 - when are we going to see things that are standard in all other browsers - bookmarks sidebar - status bar to name just 2 

3 - when will the core be updated - its months behind current releases - i thought one of the main reasons for 6 was to be able to be up to date with the core

at the moment [imo] 6 is way behind whats out there - it looks like something that might be ok - but when - there are mature products that blow it away - it needs to be complete now or in the very near future to gain a foothold - its in alpha stage - updates are slow - there seems to be no structure to testing and no official testers - well not here - bugs are reported to the devs in a hap hazard fashion - this place has very little input - the telegraph site seems no more than a talk shop

as a way to report problems - inform users and generally keep people informed you should look how its done elsewhere - the Vivaldi forum being a case in point

we have one person posting from Maxthon with little info and no discussion - you sacked the 3 admins who had kept this place alive and demoted all those below them - an odd decision at best



Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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1 hour ago, BugSir006 said:

The MX6 alpha 2 test has been successfully completed. Some users have experienced this new browser.

Um, if it wasn't for the fact that the forum says maxthon, I would say, without a doubt, that you are talking about chrome/chromium.

There is nothing you have commented on (except maxthon's online account), that doesn't have "already" chrome/chromium.

I repeat, what is the added value of MX6?, is that I still don't see where it goes.

You have the competition with a browser that is more "maxthon" than yourselves, is that your goal? or is it simply to leave a chrome/chromium with blue colors

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1. Hope there will be proper dark UI.
2. Hope there will be customizable skins. I dislike chrome style unification. MX5 have good, compact design. It smaller then MX6 by any means.
3. Separate window for downloads. Its better for usage then in-browser tab with downloads.
4. Hope that some tools will be built-in in browser: Resource Sniffer, Snap and External Tools are pretty useful, want them not as extension in new version of Maxthon.

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On 4/17/2020 at 9:38 PM, DONG DONG said:

can you add Blugin to mx6 I can't use flash player .

This issue has been submitted to the dev team and will be fixed as soon as possible.

On 4/18/2020 at 3:51 PM, N-n-n said:

Please tell me where I can download MX 6 alpha 2, really want to look at it?

Hi N-n-n, it is still under the test, so stay tuned. ?

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On 4/18/2020 at 12:21 PM, Brillance said:

Hi. I am interested in adobe flash support being possible in the next release? 

I think it would be better if they add a Addon that allows flash content to run again.

like one that turns it into HTML5 content.


Since flash will start to get fased out from use, Meaning in a few years it would be no longer needed.

but if they add it as a Key component of the browser, removing the flash support without breaking the entire browser will not be easy.


I am not a alpha tester myself so i cannot say anything about it.

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I have a Minor feature request. regarding the Tab Mute function that is in MX 5.

Since i am not sure if its also in MX6

for tabs, where you can mute the audio for every tab. i would like to request a feature to have this Mute button also be included in the drop down menu.

since some tabs like Discord only give occasional sounds, and to mute those tabs you first need to visit a video page then go to the URL you want to have muted.

This is also easier to do than the Small sound/mute button that appears.


This could be done by having a drop down menu that replaces "Lock and duplicate tab"

For example Name it  "Tab functions".

Then add features like

  • unmute/mute
  • duplicate
  • lock
  • "to be filled in"


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On 4/24/2020 at 7:48 PM, darknessblade said:

I have a Minor feature request. regarding the Tab Mute function that is in MX 5.

Hi darknessblade, the mute, duplicate and pin functions are available in MX6. Could you describe the "to be filled in"?



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  • 1 month later...
On 4/27/2020 at 11:29 AM, BugSir006 said:

Hi darknessblade, the mute, duplicate and pin functions are available in MX6. Could you describe the "to be filled in"?




the "To be filled in, is a Pace holder line i used, in case i and other People had suggestions for the Tab options"

One of the Idea's i have for that Paceholder line:

Open Tab in new window {with shortcut key} {for example CTRL+Shift+N, will open/duplicate the  current selected tab in a new window}

Since i noticed that in Maxthon sometimes you Drag the entire window with you. if you want a tab in a separate window. which causes the other tabs to get lost/removed. This is a bit of a Annoying bug. so if there is a shortcut key to do this it would be nice to have



a different Feature i would like to request: {not sure if it is Possible}

Popup/Redirection Blocker. {With a White-list for sites}

This is to block malicious addware that "opens a new tab and" that Redirects you to a malware infested site.

{3 settings would be:

1 Allow all redirects

2 Ask before Redirect {unless site is whitelisted}

3 Allow No Redirects {overrules whitelist}


Another feature which i am not sure if it is Possible

Adblock-detection blocker.

So the addblocker will not be noticed by the site.


Another feature i do like to see Would be Force HTTPS://

Where Maxthon forces the site to run in HTTPS:// modus, if Possible.

Also a question regarding the History.

How long will the History be saved?

Since i Really like that MX3 MX4 and MX5 could hold History data up to 3 years.

After 3 Years the "Cache" fills up. and you have to manually alter the File name of the Current history file {Which temporarily fixes the issue}

For example you have history,dat and history1,dat to history24,dat

Then you have to rename the history,dat to History25,dat to keep the current history data.

This fixes the Issue till the Browser does not save the data again.


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