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It seems to me that when using the proxy mode "only for sites from the list", the proxy is used only for traffic towards a specific site, instead of the entire contents of the page (tab).
Suppose a page contains snippets downloaded from other sites. These sites are not accessible without a proxy. It turns out that the page will not load or will not display correctly.
I think that the correct option would be to download the whole page through a proxy, if its address is in the list for the proxy.


Version:, windows 10

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Already impossible. Today the site normally opened through a proxy. What is the reason - I do not know: maybe another route inside the proxy (tor), maybe something has changed on the site itself, or maybe the stars have aligned.


Can this situation depend on the engine? Previously, I experimented with switching: the result of working through a proxy was different for each engine.

Checked now: loading through the IE engine - does not work, it crashes due to blocking by the provider.

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