Notice - Maxthon 6 Alpha 2.0 Version Internal Test

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last century ????

But now without fun: I cannot imagine that the new browser version on win7 runs.
With greeting!

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Hi, Mx6 works greate and fast - no data loss on the new tab page :)
But I noticed that the online time on is not added, while working on Mx6 😕
(same on android Apps, etc.)

And Mx6 (and Mx5) are not listed in the Device Management ( But why you only support the Mx4 Cloud browser?

Sincerely yours, LacyOne

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On 6/14/2020 at 5:11 PM, Maximus Panin said:

It is good if Maxthon does not follow the path of Chrome and leaves the function of disabling ''DirectWrite''.

An earnest request to Maxthon of adding 'DirectWrite' to mx://flags/ .

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12 hours ago, slavablazer said:

1. we want to "boss key" please.



12 hours ago, slavablazer said:

2. ublock origin does not work on first load of page. i must refresh.

This known issue is being analyzed.

12 hours ago, slavablazer said:

3. and browser crashes when open bookmarks.

It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of this issue. Download link of the recording tool:

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:31 PM, Maximus Panin said:

A question for connoisseurs: will the browser be able to disable font smoothing (DirectWrite) or not ? If not, I will forget about it and move on to another. Thanks.

This request has been forwarded to the product team, they will consider adding this function to the future version. But it will not have the high priority, the dev team needs to fix the crashes and optimize the stability first.

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