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SSL certificate expired and it needs to be renewed


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I hate the expiration date and the error that says "This Site has an invalad Certificate" while pointing at the red locks.I really wish Maxthon has a feature known as the "SSL Certificate editor" feature in which allows others to change expiration dates on the SSL Certificates.Every internet browser needs the same feature as Maxthon...Google Chrome needs it,Internet Explorer needs it,Microsoft Edge needs it and every single browser needs this feature so that way,others won't have to change the time..they can change the expiration date on the SSL Certificate.Please make it happen,Maxthon staff....please.


                                                                                          Thanks for reading this message.

                                                                                                      Warmly regards,


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there is a process to ask for certificatation, there are Tools but you cannot change date or self validate your certificate (or for testing locally).

Certificates cannot be edited; they are signed and the signature becomes invalid if you changes the slightest bit in them, there is not a single bit that you can flip without breaking the signature. If you want to "modify" a certificate, then you actually need to obtain a new certificate.

Certificates are obtained from a Certification Authority

if an error message appears that means site owner or admin missed to renew; certificate has been made to validate your site as secure, though there are different certificates.

make a search on the web to learn more

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As says @karajan, the certificate ends 02/07/2020, it has to be renewed, it's the job of the web master of vidlii.com.

The use of a certificate is to certify that the Web page you want to acces is genuine, so that the domain is not faked, but you always keep the right to bypass this, at your own risk !!

So send a mail to the webmaster.







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