UUMail - no old fake mailboxes in Chrome?

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Hi. I've just noticed that the UUMail interface now has a URL and could be accessed from any other browser... So I've tried to access it from Google Chrome browser only to find out that I have none of the fake mailboxes (addressess) that I've created and used before, in MX5. Though other settings, including my fake domain name are saved. Is this a bug or what? Can I transfer my old fake mailboxes from MX5 UUMail account, or do I have to create them again in Chrome? (and will they still work as they did before if I do so?). Are they stored in some file on my Hard Drive, instead of my Account on Maxthon's server? (which sounds quite strange for me)

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Hi, I have a similar problem again - I can't access my UUMail from Google Chrome again.
I've made a bookmark in Google Chrome last time I used UUMail in it, and editing it shows that it links to https://www.uu.me/mail/main.html
When I'm trying to use that bookmark now, I'm getting a 404 error. I've tried to use the "My U+" link in the top part of the https://ru.maxthon.com/ page, which opened https://www.uu.me/ page, which also returns a 404 error.
Then I've tried to launch my MX5 browser (v5.2.7.5000) and clicked a UUMail link in the top part of it's New Tab page, which successfully opened https://pc-uc.uu.me/mail page with my UUMail. However, when I tried to copy that URL and open it in Google Chrome I still got the 404 error.
Can you, please, fix this?

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