"Insufficient disk space, continue running?" when Maxthon is not running


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Sometimes when I play heavy video games or work with other resource-intensive software, my pagefile on C: increases its size over time, until there's no more free space on C:. That's fine. What confuses me here is that when it happens, the warning window pops up, and that window is from Maxthon, even if Maxthon's not running at that moment.

Maxthon disk space error WTF.png

I checked running processes (in both Task Manager and Process Explorer), no signs of Maxthon as I could see... I also failed to track the process/file responsible for this particular window.

Even if I press No and then doublecheck the running processes and make sure there's nothing explicitly related to Maxthon, the window pops up again in several minutes.

The problem is, sometimes when the window pops up, it minimizes the fullscreen app that's currently running (a video game for example) which is inconvenient at least or may crash the app in some cases.

Why does this happen? What background process is resposible for it? How to stop this window from popping up and how to prevent Maxthon from running in the background?

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