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as of tomorrow the 25th Dec its 2 months since any update was released - there have been threads and posts asking what is happening and this is doing the same - all those threads have been ignored by bugsir and as to Jeff as far as this place is concerned he is missing in action

so in the spirit of Christmas - how about an update or better still some news on Maxthon 6 or is that just pie in the sky

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This summer SafeBreach found a vulnerability in Maxthon. They tested MX5 only, but probably it relevant for all old versions. Maxthon team knows about the issue: October 9th MX has shared a timeline for a new version deployment. Maybe this is the main reason of this "pause".

P.S. I think we all know what they'll try to do with MX6. This is not so hard if another Chromium is enough for you, but this is really hard if we want to save old MX.

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