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Escaping Retro Mode on RadioParadise.com

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Hi, all —

I recently visited RadioParadise.com and flipped the core from Ultra Mode to Retro Mode to see if RP would redirect me to its legacy site, Legacy.RadioParadise.com.  It did, which gave me a chance to browse around the old stuff.

Since then, however, I've been unable to get back to the main site.  Every time I hit RadioParadise.com, I'm redirected to Legacy.RadioParadise.com before I can switch cores.  I've tried "Always Use Ultra Mode," but that doesn't seem to be working here.

Any ideas?

I'm running  Maybe I should step back to a 5.2.7.x version, try to change the settings, and then step back up to the latest beta?

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21 hours ago, Secret-HQ said:

Thanks, @BugSir006!

I can guess the site uses browser redirection, but does it also log my IP after its redirected me to it can recognize me and "help" direct me to the right site on subsequent visits?

Hello, you can press the keyboard "Win+R", run "%appdata%", to open the folder "Maxthon5">"Temp", delete the folder "CmpUrl" then restart the browser.



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