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4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

It has been updated on Maxthon official website. http://www.maxthon.com/?lang

Some special crashes have been fixed in v5.2.7.4000, if you don't have crashes issue in v5.2.7.3000, I won't recommend you to update. And the print page cannot be previewed in version in the Polish language.

whatever the reason for release surely a link to that release should be posted on here 

just another example of the insignificance maxthon place on this plce - why dont you close it and be done

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4 minutes ago, Chantao said:

I'm always looking up anyway http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/ 

all well and good but point me to the portable version - i have never found it there - it may be but its not obvious so that download is of little use

yes its possible to convert an install version to a portable version but why should we

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1 hour ago, BugSir006 said:

Install and portable version. http://www.maxthon.com/?lang

portable version.png

thanks - have never noticed that

it still does not make sense not to post it here - well it does really as you {maxthon] have all but abandoned here - fair i guess as users have also done the same

is it not time you updated the 670,000,000 user lie - its been that for years - maybe 670 is nearer the truth outside china


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