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[RESOLVED] Crash When Opening Maxnote Tab

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I've been having issues today with Maxthon crashing when I open the Maxnote tab (mx://note/).

At first, I thought the crash may be occurring when i switched folders, but it seems to be a problem building out the center space/file listing part of the page.  I tried opening and immediately switching to "My File" (rather than the chunky folder that was already selected when I opened the tab), but it still crashes.

The Favorites sidebar is working fine.

Also, I can open the Maxnote tab fine on a different computer running the same version of Maxthon (  Both installations indicate the Maxnote contents are in a "Sync completed" state.

I'm thinking something happened to a local file during a crash this morning — but I'm hoping to avoid deleting my local Favorites file and resynchronizing/redownloading everything from the cloud, as that usually takes most of the day.

Any ideas?

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Thanks, @BugSir006!

I had a good bit of old data in the %appdata%/Roaming/Maxthon5/Users/%user% from previous versions, so I backed up the /Molebox folder, deleted everything under %user%, then restarted Maxthon and let it pull down my data fresh.  Rather than wait on it to sync all the favorites, I closed Maxthon and restored just the /Molebox folder, relaunched Maxthon, let the favorites sync, and I've been running O.K. since then.

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