Passkeeper user and password data export

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Hi everyone, I use a Mathon portable version with which I am still quite well.

Besides you've got favorites and cronology, I naturally also have all the data, passkeeper user and passwords on this version.
Now I thought, if I wanted to transfer not from the cloud but manually the data of the passkeeper into another similar or updated portable version or on another browser

how can it be done?
Is there a specific program to do this?
Eventually there was no program, do you know what are all the folders and files to be moved to the other version to solve anyway?

Thanks to anyone who will help me 

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2 hours ago, whiteheadhawk said:

Finalmente, no hubo ningún programa, ¿sabe cuáles son todas las carpetas y archivos que se moverán a la otra versión para resolver de todos modos?


In the portable versions, there is a folder called UserData, in the same directory where you have it installed / unzipped.

You just have to copy / move that folder (better copy, so try before everything is fine)

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