Login password issue. "No connection to the network"


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This is international forum. Take screenshots in English. And... Server might be unavailable. Check the firewall settings, etc. Your internet provider can also restrict access to IP where Maxthon servers are located.

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Servers are down, make a wish. Maxthon going on worst browser.... MX3 and MX4 was awesome. Fast and all works. MX5 is sooooo slow and nothing works.. Still freezing, changing size when play game, many net videos and movies not works (OpenLoad etc.) AdBlock+ block nothing. Please delete ALL and start make MX6 maybe be better.

Yea and fix servers wana back my account! my quick access pages! 

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57 minutes ago, standa99 said:

It is a mistake that offline Quick Access does not work.

It's something that has been asked for since EONES, but no case


I am half afternoon thinking that the other PC had some problem with maxthon and no, they are the ones who have a problem.

Interestingly, if maxthon was open before the url pc-newtab.maxthon.com crashed, the QA does work and so I thought it was the other PC who had the problem and not maxthon :Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42:

Note: Interestingly, on the main PC, the QA is working for me at times, but on another PC at any time

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