maxthon mx5 ver malware


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Hi i have this problem. My maxthon got infected with maybe malware when i start pc or restart maxthon automaticaly start with this page. I have all disabled to startup after turn on or restart. I tried ccleaner first. Then tried malwareantibytes and no help. Then i tried som other malware remove programs but scan go free and safe. I use kaspersky antivirus for scan and nothing. I tried some help in sites how to manualy remove Most helps are for chrome firefox but that not help in maxthon. I think this somehow stick to maxthon bcause i cant see ani other affects in pc. Can you help me have you this in maxthon and how you ged rid of it. Basically i think this only start maxthon show me one add page and then nothing happend but i cant really tell if something go what i cant see. Iny help or suggestions. Thx

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