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AdBlock Plus Inconsistent on MX5


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With past versions, AdBlock Plus either worked or it didn't.  There was no middle ground.  And after 7twenty informed me to import the entire UserData folder, AdBlock Plus always worked.

Yesterday I installed MX5  AdBlock Plus sort of works.

For example:  On MajorGeeks, it WILL block the ads, but zero blocks are indicated in the little red ABP octagon indicator at the top bar.  There should normally be around 5 blocked ads.  FileHippo shows only 1 ad blocked when there should normally be around four.  AdBlock Plus appears to work OK with USA Today.  Zap2It TV shows none and it should normally have around fifteen.  And I see ads displayed.

So as you can see, AdBlock Plus is all over the map.  What's the deal?

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11 hours ago, Chim said:

For now I'm about to go back down to since on that one AdBlock Plus was working fine.

I'll then probably wait for the next stable version to be released.

You can use the latest portable beta version if you don't want to replace your current version and check if it's working with you

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