Issue with Passkeeper and Google login !


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I have been having an issue logging into Google services where Passkeeper's saved info fails to load.
This issue has persisted for a long time, as far as I can remember. I am running the latest official version

Basically, the Passkeeper login feature seems to be broken with Google products, such as Gmail, especially since they all use the same login gateway.

- I have both my account name and password saved with Passkeeper.
- I go to the sign-in page:
- The account name does not appear automatically. So, I double-click on the blank field and my `Account Name` does appear in the drop-down menu.
- I select my saved `Account Name` and press `Next`, which takes me to the Password page.
- My saved Password does not appear automatically, nor does it appear by pressing manually. Double-clicking the empty field and clicking Forms both show nothing.
- I have to open Passkeeper and search my saved list, and copy-paste the password manually every single time to login to any Google product.

I am not sure why this is broken. Could it be caused by the split login, since I have to save the account name and password separately?

Please help :)

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No trouble for me running MX portable

try to clear all data, exit MX; if it don't solve go to passkeeper and delete the line related to your account (after saving it ) then go to the login page to fill manually; MXwill suggest to save a new password for this account

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I am already using Film Forms for this because on google gateway website, Passkeeper does not even prompt me to save my password.
I did save both account name and password in Fill Forms. And as I explained, only the account name works.

Yes, I also tried deleting and resaving the password multiple times, and clearing cache.

Thank you BugSir.

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